Trekkit ATV Holiday Shopping Guide

In spite of the wrath of 2020, we  had a great time filming Season 2 of Trekkit ATV. We minimized our core group and instead of visiting many of the establishments on the ATV path, we looked for hidden gems and recommended trails in our area. The items below are from our sponsors and partners but we don’t do product reviews, we put them to the test on the trail. Here are the items that could be on the Christmas List of any avid ATV enthusiast.

  1. BioLite CampStove 2 – This thing is a miracle. Traditionally, I would have a gas-powered stove when hiking or ATVing but always worried about the constant bouncing around of the pressurized gas can. The BioLite runs on tiny sticks and the heat from the fire charges a battery that powers a fan to make the burning very efficient and almost smokeless. This stove can also charge your phone while on the trail. Its just the right size to pack with your ATV gear. Check it out :

  2. Hennessey Hammocks – These hammocks are the perfect kit for overnight ATV runs. All you need are two trees and you have a comfortable off the ground place to rest for the night. It takes up less space than a tent and all the associated rigging  is easy to setup and conformable. Check them out:

    Hennessey Hammock
    The duo of a BioLite stove and the Hennessey Hammock are great gear for a comfortable night in the woods.

  3. Surface Go LTE. We gave one away at the end of Season 1 and this little rig is great to throw in the backpack to review video taken on the trail on the fly. As it has LTE, its does not need to hotspot with your phone or require Wi-Fi. Its tiny but the screen is much larger than a standard GPS so great for viewing maps while on the trail. Plus, you can offline many maps when you have no connectivity. No connectivity means you are in the best places! Check it out:

  4. Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss – This monster is equipped with the 6.2L and is the official truck of Trekkit ATV. It has hauled our ATVs to new locations, and we had the truck off road a few times. Thanks to Fox Chevrolet Cadillac and Travis Hovey for helping us decorate the truck for our second season. Check it out the

  5. Big Horn 3.0 – I put these on the 2018 Polaris Scrambler and love them. The directional front tread and the push oriented back tread with the extra side knobby grip is fantastic tearing up the trails. I got these from Dave Sports in Woodstock. They have a showroom full of Polaris, Kawasaki, Honda and lots of accessories including great Klim gear ready for under the tree.

All the stuff below will be featured in Trekkit ATV Season staring February 1st 2021 on Bell Fibe TV1 and then Wild TV this spring.

Unofficially my snack of choice on the trails in Cliff Bars and Twizzles. Once the snacks got soaked in gas, but you will have to wait until Season 2 to see that story.

Happy Holidays,

Ryan, Rodney, Paul, Christian, Hamdy and the whole Trekkit Crew