History Channel’s ALONE Alumni on Trekkit ATV

Trekkit TV and Wayne Russell from Maritime Wilderness Skills is teaming up for an episode for the upcoming Season 2 of Trekkit ATV to help prepare the crew for an unexpected night in the woods.

Wayne is also a participant in the debut season of History Channel’s ALONE and is ready to show us how to survive in the wilderness should we get stuck in the woods for the night due to an ATV breakdown or another mishap.

The Trekkit team will learn what to take for bare minimum equipment and prepare what they need and apply a minimalistic approach for a night in the forest. As on Trekkit ATV Season 1, there was a few mishaps, and those accidents and breakdowns in the wrong place or late in the day could have warranted a night in the woods. We thought with Wayne’s experience and our ATV adventures, that it would be interesting to our viewers to see how to pack your ATV for that unexpected night in the woods.

Wayne also teaches classes on wilderness survival to the public and can be booked at https://maritimewildernessskills.ca/ .

Season 2 of Trekkit ATV will focus on the thrill of riding an ATV plus explore multi day rides off the beaten path thus learning what to take for 2-3 days on an off the grid adventure will be a learning experience for the crew and our viewers.

So who will survive, who will thrive and who will be miserable? Coming soon!

The crew is looking forward to this adventure! Thanks Wayne!

Safe and Happy Trails,