Looking for Music for “Maritimes From Above”

Ryan Groom, Jacob Groom, Rodney McAffee

I am looking for a soundtrack for our upcoming documentary called “Maritimes from Above” that will be broadcasted on CBC next summer (2017), be available online via the CBC website for 5 years, and be distributed to film festivals around the world. For more about the “Maritimes from Above” project click here.
Getting the right music for a film is important as it sets the tone, stirs emotions, and can help the director tell the story. Music has always been important to me and is one of the most enjoyable parts of completing a film, adding the score.

We are looking for a few good songs from independent artists to be included in the film. We may use it as a snippet during a driving scene, or use it when the closing credits are rolling, or anywhere in-between. So when submitting the song keep in mind we may use a few seconds to the whole song.

As our film budget is not very large, our license fee ranges from free to up to $500 for each song. We need you to submit the amount you feel is appropriate for your song. The selection process will be a balance of the cost of the song, how well the song fits the purpose in the film, and a possible audience you could bring to the film.

Rodney McAffee at walton Glenn Gorge

I have used music before from Word Music (a Sony label) artist Crossection and a track from Séan McCann, formally of Great Big Sea, in the Wonders of Iceland: The Movie. You can read about that experience here.
The type of music we are looking for is mainly folksy road trip type songs. Great Big Sea style or songs like Eli  Young Band “Saltwater Gospel“, are good examples.

A requirement will be you need to be able to sign a release form that grants Trekkit Studios non-exclusive perpetual rights to the song for this film and its promotion in order for us to use it. We will add you in the credits of the film and when we announce the film broadcast date on the blog we will list the music used and have a link to your song if available online.

So if you have some music you think might work for our film, please email the MP3 or a link to music@trekkit.com .