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For those of you in Atlantic Canada that are lucky enough to have Bell Aliant FibreOP TV you can watch many of the Trekkit episodes On Demand anytime right on your TV.

If you don’t have the mentioned service you can watch the newest episodes online at Bell Aliant TV1 Video on Demand webpage.

For all the Trekkit episodes and the Wonders of Iceland movie you can watch those on Trekkit TV website.

Please follow the instructions below to watch Trekkit on Bell Aliant VOD :

  1. 1. Go to Channel 1 or Channel 401 (HD)
  2. 2. A splash screen will appear. Press OK on your remote to go into the TV1 app.
  3. 3. Scroll down to Lifestyles, navigate right to the View on Demand Button and then Press OK on your remote.
  4. 4. Scroll down to Trekkit. Navigate to the View All button and Press OK.
  5. 5. Select the episode you want to watch (hopefully ALL of them), Press OK, then Navigate to the Play symbol and Press OK and the show will start!

Five easy steps to watch a band of lovable computer geeks traveling to UK, Iceland, US, Canada, and many more sites around the world.

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Next Mountain, Norway: The Series

NorwayBlog (10 of 9)












After being consumed with planning, filming, and editing the Wonders of Iceland series since November 2013, that project is finally finished and now there is a new mountain to climb, the Norway series.

NorwayBlog (5 of 9)Projects like Iceland, Norway, or even building new software like Trekkit Map Builder, I see them as mountains – huge and looming. You stand at the bottom and look up and wonder how are you ever going to get to the top. The key to success is being prepared and then taking that first step and keeping your eyes focused on the top, no matter how tired you get. I remember before the climb to the top of Baxter Peak at Mt. Katahdin, you have that feeling will you never make it…again but you do.

NorwayBlog (3 of 9)The Norway project is different from Iceland as I planned Iceland in detail but Norway was the brain- child of Rodney, so I wasn’t familiar with the people, places, and things like I did in Iceland. Luckily Rodney is doing a series of detailed blogs that will be released months ahead of the broadcast which will help me remember the trip plus help get you, the viewer, familiar with the details of the majestic scenery, story and geology.

GOPR0400.MP4.20_58_09_53.Still001So this week I start watching all the footage and viewing the photos from filming this summer in Norway and start creating the story. This story includes driving on one of the top ten dangerous roads in the world, going through one of the longest tunnels in the world, viewing massive glaciers, and epic fjords. You will be able to see the series starting March 2016 on TV1 on Channel 1, 401 and online at

I have my virtual boots laced up and ready to climb this new mountain and I can’t wait to share the view from the top with you.

Safe and Happy Trekks,




Wonders of Iceland: The Movie Now Online!


Click here to Watch the Movie online now!

Adding the movie online marks the completion of an idea that started 2 years ago this month. I was looking for a unique place to film for Trekkit TV and landed on the thought of Iceland. I called Rodney to see if he was interested and without hesitation, he was in!

The planning started in November 2013. In early 2014, Peter Groom and Paul Archer were added to the crew. After months of planning, in June 2014 we left Halifax and headed for the wonders of Iceland. The results of that trip produced a 7-parts series called the Wonders of Iceland that premiered on Bell Aliant TV1, and now can be seen online.

But the series did not capture the raw essence of our experiences in Iceland. So I decided to cut a movie version with behind the scenes footage that captured us filming, our bloopers and all.

sean mccann Music has always been an important part of my life, so I needed to find the perfect music for the film. I will tell you from past experiences, getting music can be a soul sucking endeavour, as creative as the music business is, the business of music can be cold. But thanks to Dale Johnson and Bruce Rawling formally of Crossection and Séan McCann of Great Big Sea fame, it was a pleasure, gentlemen’s agreements all around, thanks!

Crossection Crossection (Dale and Bruce) was a band I saw 20+ years ago and had a song called “Fork in the Road”, which was the perfect song for closing the movie. Actually the first scene of the movie I cut, was the last using this song.

When Séan McCann went solo (I mean independent) I was hoping (wishful thinking) that maybe someday I could get one of his songs into a Trekkit Show. He released a song in June 2015 while I was editing the film called “On My Way (but i don’t know where)” and it was a perfect unofficial theme song for the movie. Thanks Séan, please keep singing!

Please check out the movie about 4 friends, 9 cameras, 10 days, with a Land Rover we called Happy and a DJI Phantom called Vincent, filming in Iceland. Learn a little, laugh a little and hopefully it inspires you to go an adventure of your own.

What’s next? I have loads of footage we took this summer from Norway. The excursion to Norway will start to air in March 2016, but Rodney will be taking over the blogging with an 18-part blog series on our trip to get you ready for the Norway show.

Thanks for watching.

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Welcome to the Team!


Alex Vietinghoff  has joined the Trekkit TV for Season 4 and will be the creative force behind six episodes for the 2015-2016 season. We are excited about adding Alex’s energy to the show.

Alex graduated from St. Thomas University in journalism and has a passion for travel videography and has a keen sense of adventure which makes Alex a great addition to the Trekkit team.

Additionally, Alex is just not getting in front and behind the camera but Alex will be helping out with Trekkit’s social media activities to further engage our viewers on Trekkit’s Facebook Page, Trekkit’s Twitter Page, etc.

You can checkout Alex’s online portfolio at his website

Shooting on Location: Norway, Ten Random Thoughts

NorwayBlog (5 of 9)
Rodney and I just spent a little over a week shooting footage for Season 4 of Trekkit TV for Community One. We travelled from Stavanger to Trondheim in a Toyota Hybrid filming and photographing everything we could.

The following is ramblings of things we learned along the way that I wanted to share:

  1. Rain. Learn to deal with the rain. June is the driest month in Norway but it rained 75% of the time! So we adapted and used umbrellas, filmed from the car, and many times waited for a break in the weather, setup quick and just filmed the best we could. Rain sucks, but you have to learn to deal with it. It frayed my nerves but Rodney rolled with it, so glad half of the film crew was calm and adapted to the situation.
  2. Gear. Keep it simple. I still have not mastered that yet but having an SD card for each unit and a few extras was helpful. This time instead using a DSLR for filming and photos I had a dedicated video camera and a photo camera which made setup quick. Having an Action Camera mounted on the hood of the car and a camera mounted to the dash to film us while driving captured some interesting points of view.
  3. NorwayBlog (4 of 9) NorwayBlog (9 of 9)
  4. Travelling with no reservations. Rodney planned this trip, which took a great workload off me and was greatly appreciated. The UK and Iceland trips I planned but this one was all on Dr. Dirt. The one thing Rodney did this time was to only book the first two nights and the last night. This way we did not have a schedule carved in stone. This allowed us to film more in awesome locations and adapt to the weather. Each night we would use or just pull up to some cabins along the road. Only one night did we have a little issue finding a place but finally found a place around midnight. As we continued north in Norway daylight became longer and did not get dark until around midnight and we filmed all the way all the time, so getting a room at midnight was not so bad. Note: Cabins and hostels do not have linen or towels, these cost extra, and you have to ask for them.
  5. Heated Floors. Everywhere we stayed had heated floors in the bathroom, even the little cabins in the middle of nowhere, I now love heated floors. What is it going to take to upgrade my bathroom!
  6. Footwear. My hiking boots and waterproof sneakers were a great addition to my kit. Being so wet outside the waterproof sneakers where invaluable comfort.
  7. Kit Bomb. As I learned from Scouter Ken, keep your gear organized always, and we did. When things got out of hand, we would “reboot” our camera/cable gear. This was helpful when having to get a great shot quickly, especially when having a reindeer jump into a field.
  8. NorwayBlog (10 of 9) NorwayBlog (7 of 9) NorwayBlog (2 of 9)
  9. Unlocked Phone. Not a fan of locked phones, I picked up a Telenor SIM card in Norway and had a 1 gig of data plan for $25. That rocked!!! When you put in your new SIM card, don’t lose your current one or when you get home you might be offline until you get back to your mobility store to get a new SIM.
  10. Cliff Bars. We usually ate breakfast (or a Pølse, a Norwegian Hot Dog, at the gas station), but only once did we sit down and have a real meal. I brought a box of Cliff Bars which was my staple on this trip.
  11. Seat Selection. When travelling and booking your flights ahead of time, many times you can’t pick your seats because you booked too early. Make sure you pick your seats as early as possible to make sure you get the seat type you want. Getting stuck in the middle of two people during a transatlantic flight (like I did) for 7 hours can seem even longer stuck between two people you don’t know.
  12. Traveling mates. For the Katahdin, UK, Iceland, and Norway I have been fortunate to travel with awesome travel companions. Heading out for 1-12 days with people you don’t get along with can make travel miserable. Thanks to everyone that has been on a Trekkit adventure so far, it’s been a pleasure.

Trekkit Season 4: Road trip in Norway, coming to Bell Aliant TV1 and Trekkit TV this fall.



Wonders of Iceland: Episode IV

IcelandCommunityOne (2 of 1)

Click here to Watch Now

This is the event all the guys were waiting for in Iceland, a serious river crossing. Not just getting the tires wet, but we had unexpected water over the hood!

You see … you are supposed to wade into the water before crossing and anything above your knee, you don’t cross, period. And the lady that we rented the rig from said if you roll it you own it!

So do we make it? Come watch!

Also available on Video on Demand on Bell Aliant FibreOP.

Click here to watch past Wonders of Iceland episodes.


Off to Norway: Trekkit TV Season IV


I can’t believe this will be the fourth year filming our travel and trekking antics!

Thanks to Csaba and Brad from Bell Aliant Community One for greenlighting the project many moons ago and thanks to all the “most adventurous” people that have come with us on various adventures to help bring some lesser known places to the silver screen and of course on  Trekkit TV.


This season we kick off filming in beautiful Norway from May 30 to June 8, so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook as we publish behind the scenes highlights.

Remember, Season 3 is currently airing with episodes about Newfoundland, Hopewell Rocks, and Iceland, so if you have not seen them check those out on the web or on Bell Aliant Video on Demand (VOD). For VOD just go to Press the “On Demand” button on your remote, then TV Shows, Community One, Lifestyles, Trekkit.

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Hopewell Rocks on Trekkit TV

Hopewell Rocks on Trekkit TV, Watch Now on Trekkit TV

Hopewell Rocks PosterThis month we are taking a break from our Wonders of Iceland series.  The series will be back next month.

Last summer we had the pleasure of filming a Trekkit TV episode at Hopewell Rocks. The staff at this New Brunswick Provincial Park were enthusiastic to have us there and their participation greatly enhanced this show. We took Vincent, the quadcopter, and filmed the flower pots from the sky, what a view!


Hopewell High TideThe Hopewell Rocks is truly a natural wonder of the world, these rocks formations along with some of the highest tides in the world make a great day adventure.
In this episode, we get a geology lesson about the structure and formation of the rocks plus take a visual journey and experience the low and high tides.

As I say in the beginning of the show, “we are in New Brunswick Canada at Hopewell Rocks and it’s quite a sight!


Ryan and Jacob Groom at Hopewell RocksTo watch this episode:

  •    Trekkit TV, click here.
  •    Bell Aliant FibreOP Video on Demand
  •    Hopewell Rocks Trailer, click here.

For more information about Hopewell Rocks, click here.

Trekkit’s Wonders of Iceland Series – Episode Three

GlacierGang (1 of 1) Watch Now

Episode 3 airs this week on Bell Aliant Community One Channel 1, Bell Aliant Video on Demand, and on the web worldwide.

Trekkit’s motley crew continue their adventure and geological education in the magnificent Iceland.


During this episode the crew receives an Icelandic culture lesson (thanks Hronn –, eats rotten shark, climb a glacier, and start their off road journey with the Land Rover we call Happy.



The Trekkit team gets a little more relaxed as we get into the rhythm of the experience that is Iceland.

From driving up a foggy windy road on the edge of a cliff to eating Skyr for the first time; this episode is full of great scenery and lots of laughs.

I hope you join us and laugh with us and at us on this adventure as we continue our journey.


Have you missed previous episodes?
Check out Episode 2
Check out Episode 1

Thanks for watching and safe and happy Trekks,




Trekkit’s Wonders of Iceland Series – Episode Two







Off to complete the rest of the Golden Circle trek.

Watch now.

Episode 2 of our epic journey and trek through Iceland is out!
In this episode the Trekkit team head to see the geyser area and visit the wondrous Gullfoss.






Check out the full episode on Bell Aliant Video on Demand (VOD) web portal. Click here to watch.

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