Next Mountain, Norway: The Series

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After being consumed with planning, filming, and editing the Wonders of Iceland series since November 2013, that project is finally finished and now there is a new mountain to climb, the Norway series.

NorwayBlog (5 of 9)Projects like Iceland, Norway, or even building new software like Trekkit Map Builder, I see them as mountains – huge and looming. You stand at the bottom and look up and wonder how are you ever going to get to the top. The key to success is being prepared and then taking that first step and keeping your eyes focused on the top, no matter how tired you get. I remember before the climb to the top of Baxter Peak at Mt. Katahdin, you have that feeling will you never make it…again but you do.

NorwayBlog (3 of 9)The Norway project is different from Iceland as I planned Iceland in detail but Norway was the brain- child of Rodney, so I wasn’t familiar with the people, places, and things like I did in Iceland. Luckily Rodney is doing a series of detailed blogs that will be released months ahead of the broadcast which will help me remember the trip plus help get you, the viewer, familiar with the details of the majestic scenery, story and geology.

GOPR0400.MP4.20_58_09_53.Still001So this week I start watching all the footage and viewing the photos from filming this summer in Norway and start creating the story. This story includes driving on one of the top ten dangerous roads in the world, going through one of the longest tunnels in the world, viewing massive glaciers, and epic fjords. You will be able to see the series starting March 2016 on TV1 on Channel 1, 401 and online at

I have my virtual boots laced up and ready to climb this new mountain and I can’t wait to share the view from the top with you.

Safe and Happy Trekks,