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I have always been a computer geek ever since my Dad got me a Commodore 64 many moons ago.

Having the chance to get away from my keyboard and explore the great outdoors has been an opportunity of a lifetime. Getting off the beaten path in places like Iceland, Norway and the UK with great travelling companions are golden memories plus we even produced a TV show seen around the world.

Even when I get outdoors, technology is still one of my favorite travelling companions. As we do our own filming, editing, and social media – even when on the road, we have light but powerful cameras (like the DJI Osmo), super fast tablets, and wearables to keep us productive and connected while on location.

Our on the road GOTO (remember GOTO from BASIC) tablet is the Microsoft Surface Pro as it is super light and super powerful (mine has an i7 and 8 GB of RAM), I can take the SD card out of my camera or Go Pro and quickly view the shot we just took, either viewing aerial footage from Vincent or fresh 4k video footage. Also on the Surface we have Adobe Creative Cloud and the Go Pro editing software so we can quickly make clips while on location in the middle of nowhere, plus it’s nice to have a full keyboard when needed.

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In Norway last year, I wore my Microsoft Band 1. As I am the “out of shape” member of the team I used it to see if filming was healthy. I recorded my steps, examined my heart rate, plus the Band notifies me if someone texts or emails me so I am not looking at my phone all the time (be in the moment). What I like about my new Band 2 is I can have a VIP list, so it only notifies me if my wife emails or texts me while filming, everybody else will have to wait.

Rodney was very intrigued by the Band (being a “Dr.” he was intrigued by the sensors and science), so he gets his Band this week and already wants to compare pre-season workouts. He wants to compare what I do to get ready vs what he does. I can tell you now, he will win. The Band even works with his iPhone.

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This summer we are climbing Ben Nevis (the highest point in the UK) to talk about the ancient Appalachian Mountain range and compare it geologically to other Appalachian points we have filmed like Mount Carleton and Mount Katahdin. Part of the journey will examine the team’s health status vs mine. We have a new member of the team joining us this year, I am not sure he realizes that he will not just be hiking with me but carrying me and the DJI Phantom 4 up to the top mountain.

As a computer geek and traveller I am excited about having new technology to play with on the trip!

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P.S. As you guessed it, we are heading to the Highlands of Scotland (again!) for Season 5
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