Special Thanks

First I would like to thank my fellow adventures and travel companions; Paul, Peter, and Rodney for taking the time from their daily lives and accompanying me on this “most excellent” adventure. Your presence and assistance was truly an enchantment to the experience. I cannot wait to show the world what we captured!


To all my Facebook and Twitter friends, thanks for sharing our experiences and stories with your friends, it is much appreciated. Stories without an audience are just whispers, thanks for helping to build the whisper into a roar.

Thanks to OrangeSprocket (Bill and Jeff) and shout out to Kirk and his talents to take my vision of the expedition badge and to make it a reality. You guys rock!

Thanks to Ganong Bros for the Chicken Bones which we gave to many locals and international travelers. The name “Chicken Bones” was a great conversation starter and it was awesome to give away something from home.

Badge          Chicken Bones

Thanks to Sterling at Massive Graphics for helping make “Happy” our Land Rover look the part. It was a sweet ride and the visuals opened up many conversations everywhere we went.

Ryan Groom and Paul Archer

Thanks to Microsoft BizSpark and their introduction to Microsoft Iceland (Microsoft Íslandi). MS Iceland connected us with Nokia Iceland and Opin Kerfi which they all gave us a warm welcome when we got to Iceland. They broadcasted our adventure on their social media, plus arranged interviews with local media. We even had invite from the Canadian Ambassador to Iceland because he heard about the trip.

Nokia 1020
Thanks to the Microsoft Azure Go-To-Market team and the MS Partner twitter handle for tweeting the adventure to over 350,000 followers!

Thanks to Cooke Aquaculture for their gracious financial sponsorship of the trip and the great swag to keep us warm in the chilly Icelandic climate. Without your support we would have been down an important team member. Also, thanks to a Cooke Aquaculture associate Kjartan Ólafsson (KO for short) for dinner and adding great local guidance and knowledge to the trip.

To the Bell Aliant Community One family, especially Csaba and Brad for your support of Trekkit TV. Your support is the major reason the “Wonders of Iceland” will see the screen. Hats off to you.

Finally, special thanks to my family for the many hours I robbed from family life to plan and head out to bring everyone this adventure. Kristy deserves another medal and the children are troopers.

What’s next?
The next few months of massive editing then planning for the next adventure will start. Where off to next … not sure yet but the next destination has to be epic to top the Iceland adventure.


Safe and Happy Trekks,

Ryan Groom


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