Thank You, I am home and editing

Its been a few weeks since we got home from the loop around the province. People ask me is there one thing that stood out on your trip? What really stood out was the acts of kindness from strangers, friends, and sponsors. I can’t thank them all here because it would give away too much of the story for Season 3.

We had an interesting issue this season which led to a new sponsor Atlantic Pacific Transport, without their assistance we would have not been able to complete our journey in 15 days. Thanks Donnie Filmore and Jeff!

One of the issues we had when planning the trip was getting around Moncton and Saint John. There was not a good way to loop around them without taking extra days which we did not have, so Donnie and Jeff came to the rescue.  Jeff their driver was very patient with us as we had a few unforeseen events – you will have to tune into Season 3 to find out!

So, Ben Cummings will be putting out some teasers but I am going to squirrel away as I have nine new episodes to cut. Looking forward to sharing the adventure on the small and big screen.

Our “thank you” list is long and looking forward to getting all those acts of kindness into Season 3.

Safe and happy trails,