Wonders of Iceland: The Movie Now Online!


Click here to Watch the Movie online now!

Adding the movie online marks the completion of an idea that started 2 years ago this month. I was looking for a unique place to film for Trekkit TV and landed on the thought of Iceland. I called Rodney to see if he was interested and without hesitation, he was in!

The planning started in November 2013. In early 2014, Peter Groom and Paul Archer were added to the crew. After months of planning, in June 2014 we left Halifax and headed for the wonders of Iceland. The results of that trip produced a 7-parts series called the Wonders of Iceland that premiered on Bell Aliant TV1, and now can be seen online.

But the series did not capture the raw essence of our experiences in Iceland. So I decided to cut a movie version with behind the scenes footage that captured us filming, our bloopers and all.

sean mccann Music has always been an important part of my life, so I needed to find the perfect music for the film. I will tell you from past experiences, getting music can be a soul sucking endeavour, as creative as the music business is, the business of music can be cold. But thanks to Dale Johnson and Bruce Rawling formally of Crossection and Séan McCann of Great Big Sea fame, it was a pleasure, gentlemen’s agreements all around, thanks!

Crossection Crossection (Dale and Bruce) was a band I saw 20+ years ago and had a song called “Fork in the Road”, which was the perfect song for closing the movie. Actually the first scene of the movie I cut, was the last using this song.

When Séan McCann went solo (I mean independent) I was hoping (wishful thinking) that maybe someday I could get one of his songs into a Trekkit Show. He released a song in June 2015 while I was editing the film called “On My Way (but i don’t know where)” and it was a perfect unofficial theme song for the movie. Thanks Séan, please keep singing!

Please check out the movie about 4 friends, 9 cameras, 10 days, with a Land Rover we called Happy and a DJI Phantom called Vincent, filming in Iceland. Learn a little, laugh a little and hopefully it inspires you to go an adventure of your own.

What’s next? I have loads of footage we took this summer from Norway. The excursion to Norway will start to air in March 2016, but Rodney will be taking over the blogging with an 18-part blog series on our trip to get you ready for the Norway show.

Thanks for watching.

Safe and Happy Trekks,