Trekkit TV Season 2 – Episode 4 is out!


Part I –St. Stephen’s Catholic Church

This Trekk has a little different format then usual as we visited St. Stephen’s Catholic Church which is currently celebrating its 175th year as a parish.

We tell the story of the past and present of the church and get a look at a few artifacts that were lost for 100+ years.

The story also touches on the cotton mill that was the main economic force in the area which employed over 1000 people in its day.

The episode features music, used by permission, from John McDermott. I hope you enjoy it as must as I had filming it.


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Part II – Fire Safety

We head into the woods with the Trekkit team and a few Trekkit junior adventurers and learn various ways to make a fire in the woods, including using water proof matches, “flint and steel”, and a camera lens.

We also learn safety tips along the way.



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