History Channel’s ALONE Alumni on Trekkit ATV

Trekkit TV and Wayne Russell from Maritime Wilderness Skills is teaming up for an episode for the upcoming Season 2 of Trekkit ATV to help prepare the crew for an unexpected night in the woods.

Wayne is also a participant in the debut season of History Channel’s ALONE and is ready to show us how to survive in the wilderness should we get stuck in the woods for the night due to an ATV breakdown or another mishap.

The Trekkit team will learn what to take for bare minimum equipment and prepare what they need and apply a minimalistic approach for a night in the forest. As on Trekkit ATV Season 1, there was a few mishaps, and those accidents and breakdowns in the wrong place or late in the day could have warranted a night in the woods. We thought with Wayne’s experience and our ATV adventures, that it would be interesting to our viewers to see how to pack your ATV for that unexpected night in the woods.

Wayne also teaches classes on wilderness survival to the public and can be booked at https://maritimewildernessskills.ca/ .

Season 2 of Trekkit ATV will focus on the thrill of riding an ATV plus explore multi day rides off the beaten path thus learning what to take for 2-3 days on an off the grid adventure will be a learning experience for the crew and our viewers.

So who will survive, who will thrive and who will be miserable? Coming soon!

The crew is looking forward to this adventure! Thanks Wayne!

Safe and Happy Trails,

Season 2 & 3 Sponsorship Opportunities

What is Trekkit ATV?

When the world has recovered, we are heading out to start filming! We are looking for sponsors and partners that would like help with the adventure and production. We are open to creative ideas and even a few partners to emblazon on our new riding gear.

The Trekkit crew has filmed adventures for Canadian television since 2012 ranging from Iceland, Norway, Scotland and North America and excited to continue filming in Atlantic Canada our ATV adventures.

Check out Trekkit ATV: Exploring New Brunswick the full feature film online at: https://www.trekkit.com/video/trekkitatv/movie

Our Adventures Require the Ultimate Equipment and Partners

In Season 1, we successfully traversed trails that many ATV riders would not attempt We are bold and courageous and would be great brand ambassadors. We are open to discussing involvement of brands that follow our mantra of adventure and finding new paths to fantastic destinations.

The Opportunity

Trekkit is mainly made up of every day working professionals which appeals to the new and grassroot ATV enthusiasts. The target audience is regular people that enjoy riding an ATV on weekends. We are not professional riders but push the envelop for our skill level and demonstrate to everyday people that ATVs are fun and adventurous for anybody.


We have a range of sponsorship opportunities to have partners showcase their products and services in a meaningful way, on the trail, used by real ATV riders in fun situations. We are open to discussing unique opportunities to best showcase your brand. All packages include production fees as we have hard costs in producing the show.

  • Global Presenting Sponsor
  • Dealer Demos
  • New Brunswick Dealership Presenting Sponsor
  • Global Closing Sponsor
  • Product Placement

What Viewers are Saying!

“I’m 47 years old and have been ATVing since I was 12 years old. I love to see the progress that was made in this wonderful sport…”Can’t wait for season 2!!!!”

“Great video – my type of riding – keep up the good videos and ride on.”

“This is a great show. I’ve seen a lot of places I didn’t know existed. Thanks Ryan and company. Watch it people. You will learn lots.”

“Job well done by all. Great picture and video. Very nice to see different little areas of our province. We need to appreciate what we have compared to other parts of the world!”

“Such a great expectation of what NB has to offer ATV enthusiasts. Thanks for all you do Ryan & crew.”

“Wonderful show Trekkit team! Such a skill for storytelling and capturing the sport of outdoors and ATVing. You can’t watch this and not fall in love with our beautiful province!”

Contact Us

If you have any questions please fill out the form below or send us a message on Facebook.

Broadcast Partners and Reach


Welcome St. Stephen Outlawz ATV Club!

Great news! The St. Stephen Outlawz ATV Club is now an official satellite of NB ATV Club #39.

It was super fun riding with this group while filming Trekkit ATV Season 1 and looking forward to filming more great stories while riding in Charlotte County filming Season 2.

In celebration, we have posted the Outlawz segment from Episode 6. Watch until the end to see how they got their name.

See full episodes on Channel 401 in Bell TV1 under lifestyles category and Wild TV very soon.

Watch the movie version of Trekkit ATV: Exploring New Brunswick by clicking here.

Congrats folks, cya on the trails real soon!

Trekkit ATV: The Movie

Thanks for everyone that came to this event!
Watch the film Trekkit ATV: Exploring New Brunswick online, click here.

Click here to buy tickets. Tickets only available in advance.
Showing in Woodstock, New Brunswick at the Atlantic Cinemas.

Trekkit ATV Season #1 is now on Bell Fibe TV1 Channel 401 under the Lifestyle category (more viewing options will be announced soon).

Like we did with the Iceland series we have cut a PG version of the show into a 90-minute feature just for the theatre! ATVs in NB on the big screen!

We are showing this at the Atlantic Cinemas in Woodstock on February 22 at noon. Tickets need to be bought in advance from this link. Atlantic Cinema has donated the theatre, which is just epic.

All proceeds go to local ATV club projects and anyone that brings canned goods for the food bank get additional door prize tickets.

Come join us in Woodstock to see how wonderful ATVing in New Brunswick really is!


Door prizes by:

Visit Wild TV
Visit Dave Sports

Trekkit ATV: Exploring New Brunswick

Watch the film Trekkit ATV: Exploring New Brunswick online, click here.

Trekkit ATV is a group of mainly first time ATV owners which head out to see the splendor of New Brunswick off road. The inexperienced crew tackle mud, mishaps, and witness the majesty of remote places by ATV. The team packs along a drone to get a bird’s eye view of the ride. 

Non Crazy – Official Trailer

The conditions range from managed and unmanaged trails which consist of dirt, dust, muck and brutal rocky trails.  Come for a ride and witness the marvelous sites in New Brunswick Canada on an ATV.

The Crazy Trailer – Worst Accident of the Year

Trekkit ATV is now on Bell Fibe TV1. If you already are a Bell Fibe TV customer, go to channel 1, or watch Trekkit ATV on demand with the Bell Fibe TV App for Android or iOS. If you are not a Bell Fibe TV customer, click here to learn more about Bell services.

Season One

Trekkit ATV

Turtle Mountain
Turtle Mountain is a 10 KM hike up a rough rocky trail which the crew decided to tackle by ATV and spend the night at the top. This brutal ride for an inexperienced ATV is tough, do they all make it to the top? Plus, a flashback of how our off-road adventures began in Iceland.

The crew rides with the Sussex ATV club on a set of well managed and picturesque trails. The ride included the coastal beauty of Martin Head, the quaint covered ATV bridges and get a firsthand look at the worst accident of our riding season.

The crew heads to the Northern section of New Brunswick where we get to legally ride on the public streets in the City of Bathurst and head to the trails. After night driving, we wake up to a spectacular view. Plus, a flashback on Ryan’s inspirational adventure in Scotland.

Long Lake
We assemble of large group of family and friends and head to Long Lake Adventures for the weekend. We ride the trails in the middle of New Brunswick. The crew is brought to a somber site of an Air Force plane crash from 1967, enjoy a salmon science project, view from Mt Carleton, and treated to the remoteness and hospitality of the area. Music featuring Clay Harrison.

Rusagonis and York County Trails
The crew heads out to experience a wide range of trails. These range from trails managed by the local York County West ATV and Rusagonis clubs and unmanaged trails which can lead into interesting situations for an inexperienced rider. This ride we tackle mud, dust, dirt, smooth, and rough trails. We recount the worst mud hole of the year and the young buck challenge the old guard to a water hole duel. Plus, a flashback of our Mount Katahdin climb.

Ramble 2019
We close the season by heading off to Ramble 2019 and ride with the local Woodstock ATV club and celebrate the end of the ATV season. We circle back to highlights including riding with the St. Stephen outlaws, a bird’s eye view of a historical site, our safety course, and Jewetts Creek bridge opening.

Thanks to Bell Fibe TV1 and our partners Dave Sports and the Province of New Brunswick in helping us share this adventure with you.

Stay tuned over the next few months of other places to tune in to watch Trekkit ATV.

Trekkit ATV – We’re Back!

After taking a bit of time away from the camera, the Trekkit crew is back! This time instead of heading off by plane, the crew is spending time in their own backyard exploring the ATV trails of New Brunswick. Three of the crew members have never owned an ATV, so this could get crazy!

How does Dr. Dirt handle massive mud? Does Hamdy drive up a tree?

For non-ATV owners, the massive trail system is something they don’t even realize is EVERYWHERE, and it’s a blast to travel NB via ATV.

Thanks to our dealer sponsor, Dave Sports in Woodstock for helping us get bikes from Honda, Kawasaki and Polaris, plus excellent riding gear from Klim.

The New Brunswick ATV Federation and the Province for New Brunswick have been very supportive including helping us discover the best places to ride (and film). Thanks!

Our technology partner is Microsoft and we will be giving away a Surface Go LTE at the end of the filming season to the Trekkit crew or guest that had the “best shot!” What is the best shot? It’s the shot that makes you go “WOW!”

Our broadcast partner is Bell Fibe TV1 and we will be premiered on TV1 on the Bell Canada in seven provinces. We will be airing the episodes late fall and plan to have an event at the theater in Fredericton and Woodstock like we did with the Iceland film.

If you see us on the trails filming, please stop by and say hi. Any tips of where we should go please send an email to atv@trekkit.com.

Safe and happy trails,

Maritimes from Above at Silver Wave Film Festival

The New Brunswick film festival called “Silver Wave” is showing our documentary we did for CBC plus a few other great local documentaries on November 5th @ UNB @ 2 PM and it would be great to have some friendly faces in the audience.

Tickets are for sale at the door (cash only), and the proceeds go to the NB Film Coop.

“A documentary showcase spotlighting the beauty of the Maritimes in films by Ryan Groom of Hanwell and Moncton-based Craig Norris is sure to be a treat for filmgoers. Both films are lively, full of humour and present incredible vistas.
They will play on Sunday, November 5, at 2pm at Tilley Hall, UNB Campus.”




Maritimes from Above on CBC

Airing September 2nd, 2017 on CBC

This time last year the Trekkit crew was just finishing shooting for this film, now after hours of editing and working closely with CBC, its ready for TV!

It will be on the Absolutely Maritimes program on September 2nd at 8:00 PM on CBC, then available online global shortly after the broadcast.

Click here for the background on the story of how this project got started.


Please take a look at the teaser trailer below.

To hear my thoughts on the project and my love for the Maritimes please listen to the recent radio interviews where I had the wonderful opportunity to discuss the project on CBC Radio in Fredericton and Saint John.

Below is the links to the interviews:


Fredericton Interview
Saint John Interview


A big part for me doing these video projects is selecting the right music to help spur the emotion for each location. I used Caleb Miles, “Old Man on the Porch“ to close the film. Great song!

Click here to read about finding that song.


The true stars of the show where:

  • Meat Cove, Nova Scotia
  • Walton Glen Gorge, New Brunswick
  • Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

In the show we do extensive aerial videography at each location and there are lots of cameos of places we have visited before and along the way. It did not go as smooth at each location so a few of the misadventures made it into the film, makes for some light hearted moments.

Special Thanks to the following folks and organizations for helping to make this happen


Ryan Groom

And of course, super special thanks to the crew Rodney McAffee, Paul Archer and Jacob Groom. These guys made the travels extra special.

We hope you laugh a little, learn a little, and go visit these fantastic places. For many of us these places are in our own backyard, so go enjoy them!


Safe and Happy Trekks,